Sage One

If you’re in the market for a rather low-priced yet high quality accounting software, Sage One is probably the best for the money. It’s easily one of the most highly reviewed by customers as well. In addition it doesn’t use the old standby for accounting tools. It works on all devices, processes tons of online payments and […]

Is FreshBooks the Freshest for Today’s Business?

FreshBooks cloud accounting software is a leader in accounting and finance software for big business. It allows business and finance managers to do everything that they need to do without having to be glued to their office computer either. There are some other amazing features of this software as well as some drawbacks that may keep […]

Four Nuggets of Advice from Top Investor Warren Buffett

When people think of brilliant investors, most people think of Warren Buffett today. With shrewd investments and entire companies, he grew Berkshire Hathaway by nearly 20 percent every year. In addition, he’s fond of helping other investors and providing some interesting tips for people to consider. Since he knows more than a few things about investment opportunities, […]

What’s in Store for Housing Finance

There have been some big decisions lately for the House Financial Services Committee. They voted for legislation that could possibly end government mortgage lenders like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the distant future. On August 6th, President Obama stated at an appearance that private lending may replace these programs. However, it’s unclear whether this is […]

Doubts Double Over Continued Dollar Decline

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that investors are questioning the so-called U.S. economic recovery. While many reports show that investors are rallied behind an upswing, the Wall Street Journal Dollar Index has shown that the dollar is down and actually hit a seven-week low last week.


Finance makes the world go round. It's part of any successful business, and one of the best ways to invest in new ideas or protect a portfolio of investments. Whether you're a financial analyst or personal financial adviser, you follow economic trends, make the best investments, learn every tax law and choose the right decisions for your company or clients. Software goes a long way to make life easier for finance gurus and even enhances our jobs. There are many applications and programs that allow for easy navigation of taxes, investments, banking and other fund management.

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Types of Financial Software

Whether you're in big business or small business, nothing helps more than a fast, intelligent financial application tailored to your needs. So many people still use Intuit QuickBooks because it's an all-in-one financial planning, tax preparation, recordkeeping and payroll machine. However, there are newer programs that are doing much more for their financial managers, planners and investors. Most of this software also has cloud capabilities, so that you can use it at the office or on business trips. This selections covers software for any size of business and a number of accounting uses.

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