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Is Bitcoin Truly Anonymous?

When reading about bitcoin in the media, one thing that is often emphasized about bitcoin is how it is anonymous and an ideal way of laundering money. We wonder, is bitcoin really that anonymous though? And can anything be done to make it less anonymous or at least safer? Not that easy Bitcoin is seen […]

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What’s in Store for Housing Finance

There have been some big decisions lately for the House Financial Services Committee. They voted for legislation that could possibly end government mortgage lenders like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the distant future. On August 6th, President Obama stated at an appearance that private lending may replace these programs. However, it’s unclear whether this is […]

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Four Nuggets of Advice from Top Investor Warren Buffett

When people think of brilliant investors, most people think of Warren Buffett today. With shrewd investments and entire companies, he grew Berkshire Hathaway by nearly 20 percent every year. In addition, he’s fond of helping other investors and providing some interesting tips for people to consider. Since he knows more than a few things about investment opportunities, […]

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