Is FreshBooks the Freshest for Today’s Business?

cloud-accounting-01-01FreshBooks cloud accounting software is a leader in accounting and finance software for big business. It allows business and finance managers to do everything that they need to do without having to be glued to their office computer either. There are some other amazing features of this software as well as some drawbacks that may keep some business owners away.

The Positive
FreshBooks is a freedom sort of software. You can manage all kinds of projects, accept payments online from anywhere in the world, access free client portals and create invoices. In addition, the accounting software has iPad and iPhone apps as well as encrypted data backup. If you want the freedom to work on all types of devices include smartphones and tablets, then this is definitely the software for your company.

The Negatives
One key thing to note is that FreshBooks isn’t universal for mobile. It doesn’t have an Android app. You have to purchase GoBooks from a third party in order to use Android. It’s also not available for free.

It’s clear that FreshBooks developers really wanted to make accounting a seamless stream of events that you could do from anywhere. It’s easy to create invoices, track time and expenses, manage projects and bill clients with over 13 different payment gateways and free client portals. It’s one of the best and most modern software platforms for finance.

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