Sage One

sage-oneIf you’re in the market for a rather low-priced yet high quality accounting software, Sage One is probably the best for the money. It’s easily one of the most highly reviewed by customers as well. In addition it doesn’t use the old standby for accounting tools. It works on all devices, processes tons of online payments and does all the payroll, invoice and expense management tasks that you need as well.

The Positive
Sage One is easy-to-use and one of the most popular universal finance applications on the market right now. With features like project tracking, payment processing, task management, collaboration applications and more, you can access the software online any time. In addition, information is always up to date, backed up, accessible on any Internet connection and protected by encryption.

The Negative
Sage One isn’t like Sage 50 or QuickBooks. It’s mostly designed for entrepreneurs, startup finance companies and freelancers. If you have a lot of inventory to manage or a lot of employees, this software won’t make sense for your business.

As a personal finance, self-employment or start-up business, you can use this accounting software for almost any application and you can access it from anywhere that you go. It offers some incredible finance tools to get started and it’s the cheapest for the market.

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