Types of Financial Software

149053650_t670x470Whether you’re in big business or small business, nothing helps more than a fast, intelligent financial application tailored to your needs. So many people still use Intuit QuickBooks because it’s an all-in-one financial planning, tax preparation, recordkeeping and payroll machine. However, there are newer programs that are doing much more for their financial managers, planners and investors. Most of this software also has cloud capabilities, so that you can use it at the office or on business trips. This selections covers software for any size of business and a number of accounting uses.

Finance Software for the Home User
There are a number of cloud-based applications out there that help people budget their money, make wise investments, create savings plans, print checks and track expenses throughout the year. The software makes it easier to save money but isn’t very useful for tough business applications. However, many small business owners use this type of software to manage their finances easily. Most of these software types are inexpensive and include budget management functions only.

Finance Software for Small Business and Single Entry Products
For businesses that serve just one type of market, also known as single entry, there are a number of financial products like Intacct Winter 2010, FreshBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP and ePeachtree. Each of these offers something interesting but also streamlined for business. Microsoft Dynamics GP has a ton of different tools including managing and integrating finances, supply-chain management, manufacturing troubles, project accounting, customer relationships and human resource applications.

Large Businesses with Global Markets
For these type of financial situations, a much more complex and yet simple to understand financial software is necessary. When you’re dealing with larger markets, there are different currencies and investments that can make or break your business. However software should still be bought according to your industry. Multiview Enterprise is one of the top choices with 14 different modules that you can create. There is also NetSuite Financials which is hosted on the cloud and Sage 100 Standard and Advanced ERP.

Financial systems depend on the industry that you work in. It’s best to consult with other experts on their own software and to conduct wide searches for the best reviewed software before making any selections.